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Is it over yet?

Wow, what can an old guy say about this? The idea really wasn't great. The graphics were horrible. The music was hurting my hearing aids. I don't even know why I'm giving it a 1 star.

CyberstrikeX3 responds:

lol an old fart on ng

No Point

The 3D was pretty cool, but it had no point so that's why I'm giving it 1 star (just for the effort).

CyberstrikeX3 responds:

D: D: D:

I love it!!!

The idea is awesome. I definatley want to see this make it.

Hinterlain responds:

well....it made it! lol. 3.06...wow. thats the highest i eva got. it went green! lol. thanks.

It's Alright

I think that you should have some background music, that would add so much to it. Also, make the next one a little longer and have more fighting. I did like how you could view the commentary... I do wish that it was a real voice and not text though.

linksman11 responds:

I sound like a liitle kid.....

It's A Good Start

There is a lot of room for improvement, but I think it's a good movie to start with. Listen to the advice the guy before me said and your next movie will do awesome.

BlakTornado responds:

okey dokey. keep an eye out for when i make a new one then!

Pretty Good

I loved the way you animated the main character. The blood splats were cool too. I think there should have been more people to destroy on the way up though. I still like it though.

SirHappy666 responds:

Wades office is too small to fit more guards in. XD

Wasn't funny

I didn't like it. It wasn't funny.

seel responds:

Sucks to be you then... *cough*emo*cough*

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